Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee bean is another supplement that has become extremely popular over the last few years.

This is due – in part – to the guest doctor Oprah has had quite frequently on her – Dr Mehmet Oz.

Dr Oz has routinely appeared on her show to tell Oprah’s guest how they can lose weight and use various weight loss supplements to help them in achieving their goals.

One of these weight loss supplements is Green Coffee.

Green coffee beans are beans that haven’t been roasted yet. The idea is that if they haven’t been roasted yet, they still retain a higher amount of chlorogenic acid which is thought to affect the body’s metabolism and how it handles blood sugar.

The beneficial chlorogenic acid is said to be removed completely or drastically reduced during the roasting process – hence the “green”, un-roasted state of the bean extract.

Dr Oz is quoted by as having said that its “The …bean that burns fat fast” and that no changes to a person’s diet or exercise program is needed to see results. (1)

In fact, says that Dr Oz conducted his own scientific study using 100 women who were overweight and obese.

Some were given a placebo while others were given green coffee. Both groups were instructed to take 400mg capsules three times a day and they were strictly told to not exercise or diet.

At the end of 2 weeks, Dr Oz said that the group of women taking the green coffee supplement lost more weight than the placebo group. (2)

Results from those taking the supplement range from losing 4lbs in 6 days to 25lbs in 3 weeks and just about everything in between (3)

I can see how these results may be real as I find coffee on its own can often control my cravings to eat.

Many different studies have shown that caffeine can help prevent weight gain, act as a liver detox and colon cleanse, fights against Alzheimer’s, may help prevent skin cancer along with other noted benefits (4)

I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s certainly on my list of supplements to try.

That being said (as I always say 🙂 ) make sure if you do try Green Coffee Bean Extract, get it from a reputable source.

The only source I use for my online supplement purchases is this company here.

There are just so many scams online with all the different companies selling various fake supplements and auto-billing your credit card you can’t be too careful when you pick these up online.




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