How to Tone Your Arms

I have to admit – one of the things that I hated the most about being out of shape was having flabby arms.

I felt like if I wore baggy clothing I could at least hide the rest of my body, but if it’s hot out, it’s hard to hide your arms!

But at least your arms can be toned really quickly – and one of the best ways that you can begin toning your arms is with bicep curls.

Bicep curls have got to be one of the most popular workouts there are, so you may already know how to do them.

There are many different variations of this exercise, but I’ll give you a few pointers.

You can do curls with either a straight bar or individual dumbells. I prefer using a straight bar if I am doing the exercise while standing, and dumbells if I am sitting on a bench.

To start, take a shoulder width grip on the bar with your palms facing forward or away from you.


Then contract your arms and curl the weight up towards the top of your chest.

Once you are at the top of the exercise, contract or squeeze your biceps as hard as you can for a moment before you gradually start to lower the weight back to the bottom starting point of the lift.

If you are sitting on a bench using dumbbells, follow the same steps.

Do about 8-10 repetitions with about 3-4 sets. Remember to do at least 1 warm up set of 10

repetitions with really light weight before using heavier weight if you plan to do so.

A Few Tips

  • Don’t swing or bounce the weight up or use other parts of your body to lift the weight.
  • This isn’t a weight lifting competition. Use a weight that will let you complete the exercise in a
  • slow and controlled manner without having to “cheat” the weight up.
  • Feel free to change whether you use dumbbells or a bar for this exercise – it will keep you from getting bored.

Once I started doing curls more often, I found that my arms got toned pretty quickly.

Best of luck!

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