How to Get Sleek Lower Legs

If want to have amazing looking legs, you must remember to include your calves in your workouts.

I know that early on in my persuit of having an incredible looking body, I would often neglect doing exercises for my calves.

I assumed that if I did some running that I would have toned lower legs.

And I did.

However, once I added calf raises to my leg exercises, I found that my lower legs actually began to have a sexy shape to them. Before they were just skinny little sticks below my knees!

So don’t make the same mistake I did – do some calf raises.

This is how you do them:

Your heels must be elevated off of the floor. So whether you are standing with your heels hanging over a stair tread or on a machine at the gym, your toes must be remain fixed while your heels move up and down.

With your feet shoulder width apart, and your heels elevated, stand up on your tip toes.

Once at the top position, contract your calf muscles hard and hold them for 1-2 seconds before slowly lowering yourself to the bottom position.

And repeat for 15 repetitions and 3-4 sets.

You can do this exercise without any weights just standing on a set of stairs, or you can hold weights in your hands, a barbell across your shoulders or you could just use a machine at the gym.

There are many ways to perform this exercise. Just make sure that you do the exercise smoothly and fully and soon you will have an amazing set of lower legs!

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