The Quick Weight Loss Chicken Salad

This is the main meal that I eat for dinner when I am trying to lose weight.

The great thing about this salad is that you can change the ingredients and it is really quick and easy to make.

After 2 months of eating salad for the majority of my dinner meals for 2 months, I couldn’t believe the amount of weight that I lost and how incredible I looked.

So, here is the recipe I use for my Quick Weight Loss Chicken Salad:

2 chicken breasts
200g Lettuce
100g cherry tomatoes cut in half or diced regular tomatoes
100g half a cucumber sliced into quarters
120g mushrooms wiped and sliced
120g cheddar cheese cubed

As you can see, its really easy to make.

All I end up doing is cooking the chicken breasts in a pan on the stove and cutting up the vegetables. I always cut the chicken breasts into small, bite sized pieces and then cook them – just to speed up cooking time.

From start to finish, it probably takes me 10 minutes to make everything.

The best part about eating salad for dinner is that you can eat a lot of salad without gaining weight. It will fill you up way before you eat too much.

TIP: If you use salad dressings on your salad that is where you will be adding a lot of calories to your meal. So you have a few options: don’t eat salad dressing at all, eat some low fat or low calorie salad dressings and or limit the amount of dressing you use to a very small amount.

The amount of dressing you do or don’t use can make a big difference in the amount of weight you do or do not lose!

So don’t be afraid to experiment and learn.

Trust me on this one – if you start eating only salads for your dinner meals, you will lose a lot of weight and feel amazing!



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