About Me

I am here to help. I have been working out, eating healthy, researching, learning, losing weight and getting toned for over 15 years now and am a fitness enthusiast who wants to inspire help you to achieve your goals and improve your life.

I am focused on making this webspace a safe place – one that helps & supports others in their fitness goals, whatever they may be.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a competitive fitness model, a weekend warrior or just someone who wants to live a little healthier lifestyle – I want to help motivate, inspire and help you succeed and feel great.

I don’t always have the most “conventional” methods in the world – but I’m confident that you will see results.

The standard disclaimer: With any advice that you find or use on this site, I advise running it by your doctor before partaking in any sort of training or diet that I recommend. I am not responsible for your use and or misuse (and any of the consequences – including incredible fat loss!) of the information that I share.

That being said, from time to time, I may review products on my site and as such I may receive a small commission on the sale of it but I only recommend products and companies that are honest and have the same values as I share.

So, dive in and I hope you enjoy your time here.

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